Area Code 979 - Information about Texas

The state of Texas is very diverse, but there are certain aspects that make the Lone Star State so popular. As Texas is a founding member of the United States, there are some great tourist attractions and places to vacation in this state. Texas has a lot to offer and that is why you should take advantage of these top Texas travel attractions.


One of the most popular attractions in Texas is the town of Bryan, located in the state's capital, Austin. Bryan is just south of Dallas and you can get around there by taking the DART rail, the city's public transportation system. If you have never been to Bryan, you need to check it out before you visit. This is one of the most historical and peaceful cities in the country.

You might be surprised to know that Lake Jackson, a lake at the northern end of the Gulf of Mexico, is also calling Texas' college town. So if you are visiting Texas, it would be wise to make a trip to Lake Jackson and go on a mini vacation at one of the many college campuses that surround the lake. You could also opt to spend your time in the midst of a thriving city, such as College Station, a city on the southern coast of Texas.

Lake Waco, a small lake in the Dallas suburb of College Station, also serves as the official lake of the State of Texas. The lakeside town has plenty of shops and restaurants. The climate in College Station, Texas, is somewhat similar to that of Austin, Texas, which is also found on the southern coast of Texas. There are also some features in the area, such as the Hermann Park, which was home to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys for many years.

You may be thinking that the best thing about going to College Station, Texas, is the fact that it is located in the state capital. But the real reason that College Station, Texas, is known for isbecause of the University that is found in the area. In fact, Texas is the only state in the union where there is an official university, The University of Texas.

One of the things that might interest you when you are in College Station, Texas, is the fact that it is the home of the Texas Longhorns football team. The football team is one of the best teams in the nation, and you can experience the thrill of watching the team play at one of the many colleges that surround the town. You can also visit the Lake Austin Country Club, a golf course that is very popular among the locals. There are some nice restaurants in College Station, Texas, that serve only the best food.

If you are looking for a big-city vacation in Texas, you should consider staying in College Station, Texas. You can enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of this beautiful state with a wonderful place to stay, in a town where you can explore all that this state has to offer. It is also a great location for those who want to move to the United States after living in the country for a few years. The U.S. has just one large city, New York, which is located on the east coast.

If you want to see the world, or just go back to the comfort of your own home, you can do so by staying in College Station, Texas. This town is one of the nation's newest tourist destinations, and it is a great place to live. You will be amazed at the amount of choices for activities that you can choose from while staying in this beautiful town.