Area Code 956 - Information about Texas

An eclectic blend of cultures is the hallmark of Texas life. It isn't so much the boundaries as it is the distinctions between them. From the country folk in Harlingen to the rough and tumble folks in Brownsville, Texas, there is a glimpse of something unique for everyone.


There are too many ways to meet people in Harlingen. The city is home to five restaurants and six nightclubs. There are also seven community recreation centers, eight shopping districts, nine shopping plazas, two art museums, four museums, five colleges, two universities, and one high school.

Shopping in Harlingen is pretty much restricted to the downtown area and the main mall. Downtown is also home to two major grocery stores, one of the nation's largest retail mail processing companies, one of the largest drug stores, two hospitals, one beauty school, the famous Taco Bell restaurant, three dry cleaners, the famous Chinese restaurant, two car wash centers, two salons, two tanning salons, and, of course, one of the biggest auto auctions in the United States. Brown'skills, Texas is also home to two convenience stores and one national chain pharmacy. There are so many different types of businesses in Brownsville that it would be impossible to choose just one.

Harlingen is a great year-round tourist destination. Located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, the community is close to the border with Mexico. Visitors who come to Harlingen for a spring break or summer vacation can take advantage of the local attractions like the Harlingen Sea World and the Bandera Park.

Brownsville is a cultural crossroads. Not only is it the home of the longest running recording academy in the world, but it is also the birthplace of country music. A summer concert at Brownsville's Fort Zumwalt has been an annual event since 1993.Brownsville offers a variety of recreational activities for residents and visitors. The city boasts two state parks, a ski resort, a lake, and even has a nuclear power plant. It is also home to one of the largest art museums in the United States.

Edinburg is a suburb of Brownsville, located about 20 miles south of the border. Edinburg is just a few miles from the border.

Edinburg has the second highest concentration of Texans in Texas. There are many tourists who travel north of the border to go to Brownsville and Edinburg.