Area Code 951 - Information about California

If you're looking for a scenic place to take your family, why not head for Southern California? There are so many activities that will make you and your family happy. You can take a horseback ride or hike in the park.


Well, it's just a few hours drive to the northeast of Los Angeles, near Bakersfield, California. There is more than just mountains here, as there are wine country and the beautiful High Desert. You can take a fly fishing or day trip to Banning. You can also take the kids to the local zoo and Aquarium.

Banning has much to offer, as it's just a short drive away from Bakersfield and the desert area. It's a nice town, because of the diversity it has, with many people who have lived there for decades. The main street is lined with Victorian houses. There are quaint eateries, stores, antique shops, and shops to shop at.

The highlight of Banning is the local music scene, which is thriving. The downtown is full of shops and restaurants and they have food festivals throughout the year.

Downtown Banning's main street is lined with beautiful homes with plenty of space in the town center. Many people will love to take a stroll and take in the old architecture along the streets. There are some nice little shops along the street, and they have live music. In town you can go to the small amusement park and even try out a bike ride or take a horseback ride through the desert.

Well, that's one way to visit Southern California. You can also visit Banning to take advantage of its weather, which is perfect for swimming and beach, but not too cold. There is no doubt you will enjoy a relaxing walk or simply taking a trip to the dog park and exploring the town.

Of course, you won't be able to take all of the time you want to the town, because it's not really a big town and isn't very populated, but it's a great place to take a family. The terrain is quite different and the scenery can give you a different view of what Southern California is all about. There are tons of great things to do for a great price.

Banning is a beautiful town to visit, especially if you like the outdoors. There is always something to do, but it's also a quiet little place where everyone enjoys a nice lunch or dinner, and a walk down the streets is always a great way to begin a day. It's a vacation any family would enjoy.