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If you want to find out more about living in Bloomington, Indiana, you can visit the official website. Here you will find a map of the city, brochures on business and cultural events in the area, and useful information about living in the city.


The Bloomington Historical Society hosts an annual festival on Independence Day called "The Bloomington Public Library's Answer Book" which honors local authors with local prizes. This festival offers free admission and programs to local schoolchildren, including art contests for children. Community theater, concerts, movies, and events also take place at the museum in the evenings.

The Lilac Box is an artisan craft store featuring art, clothing, and food in downtown Bloomington. The store is within walking distance of historic landmarks like the Columbia Theater, former Bloomington Public Library building, and the Henry Graff Park. Visitors to the city can shop and dine at the Lilac Box.

The Capitol Building in downtown Bloomington is home to the Artsy Local Gallery, which displays local artwork by local artists. The daily "In Focus" program displays scenes from local Indiana history and nature on one side of the building and sculptures on the other side. Visitors may also join in a local poetry reading or participate in an art workshop. There is free parking available for visitors at the building.

You can start your day with breakfast at one of Manhattan's finest hotels, or if you are searching for the best food, find out where you can get the best breakfast in Bloomington, Indiana. Several Bloomington hotels offer mouth-watering treats for breakfast along with several dishes for lunch.

The Henry Graff Park offers a well-known art gallery, as well as an adventure playground for children, as well as a walking path. A museum inside the park displays art, crafts, and artifacts related to the park's namesake. In addition, there are many sculptures throughout the park.

During the summer months, it is easy to find many restaurants and entertainment venues in the downtown area. Businessmen and developers often hold events at the Mall, located in downtown Bloomington. As the city has grown in popularity, the Mall has expanded in size, adding to its list of attractions.

Indiana University is also located in the city and offers many opportunities for art galleries and museums to exhibit their collections. Numerous institutions and organizations are also located in Bloomington, including the Wabash Valley Museum, the Indiana State Museum, and the IU Health hospital. Among them, the art museum is the most famous.