Area Code 928 - Information about Arizona

Arizona is a state in the United States and is bordered by Mexico to the north, by the US-Mexico border to the east, and by the US-Mexico border to the south. The state borders California and Nevada. Arizona is the home of more than four hundred counties and there are thousands of cities and towns spread all across the state.


It is sometimes hard to remember that there is a huge difference between the desert in the north and the mountainous area of the south in Arizona. The mountains on the west are the Grand Canyon, while the mountains of the north are the Flagstaff and the Sedona. The south is mountainous with the Sequoia Mountains, the Sonoran Desert, and the Painted Desert.

Arizona is named after the Indian tribe known as the Apache and the city of Pueblo, where some of the first settlements in Arizona were made, is named for the Indians who settled around the Painted Desert, which is the central part of the state. This area of Arizona is known as the Fortuna Foothills. Today, Fortuna Foothills is one of the more popular destinations in Arizona and it can be seen from the Arizona state capitol building in downtown Phoenix.

Flagstaff is another big city in Arizona and it is famous for being the home of the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff also has a national park, famous for its Indian burial mounds, and an educational center. Also, there is a Native American site.

It is said that Bullhead City was founded around 1790. It is now an internationally recognized tourist destination because of its spectacular views. Many tourists come here for the beautiful scenery and other attractions such as the Tucson Museum of Art, the Aquarium of the Americas, and the Kansas City Botanical Garden.

Charlotte is another well-known city in Arizona and it is home to the Air Force Academy. In fact, the academy is the largest in the country. The O'Connor Conservation Area is another famous area of Arizona.

In terms of historical places, Zion City is a very popular attraction. It is also the home of Zion National Park. Arizona State Parks is other popular tourist destinations.

The city of Florence is located in Maricopa County and is part of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The city is popular for its wonderful natural attractions like the famous lake, O'Connor Lake, and the Santa Catalina Island National Seashore. The city of Florence is also home to several art galleries and shopping centers.