Area Code 918 - Information about Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a beautiful scenery to offer. Tourists come from around the globe to see it. From the breathtaking wind turbines that will light up your room, to the spectacular landscape, to the simple yet amazing art and architecture in the towns, it all adds up to an exciting and memorable vacation. If you are planning a trip to Oklahoma, then you must take the time to explore what is so incredible about the place.


Hotels - There are several beautiful hotels in Oklahoma City. If you are into a casual type of vacation, then a mid-range hotel will be right for you. If you want to splurge, then a five-star hotel will be your destination. Some of the most famous hotels in Oklahoma City include Hyatt Regency, Hotel Shiloh, Hotel Cambridge, and the Continental. Each hotel offers a variety of suites and rooms that are decorated to look like a traditional European hotel.

Cities - Along with all the hotels, Oklahoma City is also famous for its museums and attractions. The north central part of Oklahoma has some of the most interesting museums and attractions. Take a trip to the Beale Street museum or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. There are some great schools as well that you can visit as well, such as the University of Oklahoma.

Museums - Oklahoma has many well-known museums, like the Museum of Natural History and the Oklahoma State Historical Museum. Oklahoma has a history rich with arts and culture. The museums in Oklahoma City offer both. There are many important artifacts that you can view at the Museum of Natural History. If you want to learn more about Native American culture, then you should visit the Clay Center.

Churches - There are many churches that are located in Oklahoma. However, you can find many different denominations of Christianity in the state. There are many churches that offer services in the mornings, as well as Sunday dinners and holiday services.

Bars - While Oklahoma is a booming center for oil, there are many bars in the area as well. You can find many sports bars where you can watch the local teams play. You can also find many bars that offer live music and entertainment on a nightly basis. For the people who love to drink, then Oklahoma is the place to be.

Sports - Oklahoma has many teams to support. The Oklahoma Sooners is the biggest and has won two national championships. In addition, there are many minor league teams in the area as well. When it comes to sports, Oklahoma is a hotbed of excitement.

There are many places to go in Oklahoma. You are only limited by your imagination. Just go ahead and give it a try!