Area Code 901 - Information about Tennessee

When you think of Tennessee, the first place that pops into your head is probably someone's house on Collierville's lakefront. That can only mean one thing: You've stumbled upon one of the southern most counties in the country. The county has an important role in history and it can be explored using the county seat Bartlett as your base.


In order to explore the county of Collierville, you must get off of Interstate 25 and go south toward Fort Thomas. On the way, there are many places you can stop and check out. Let's start with Nashville- and if you ever decide to visit, you know you're going to need a way to get around. There is no better way to get around than by bicycle! That's right, and you'll be riding along the tracks of the beautiful Nashville-David Darrow, which is currently under construction.

As you get off of I-25 and move up to Craig Ranch Road, you'll see two beautiful roads on the right side of the road. They are called Murfreesboro Road and Centennial Parkway. After checking out these roads, take the right turn and go up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This is a fascinating town in Southern History and is just south of Martinsburg.

On this road, you'll see several historical markers along the way. What you need to do is make a left turn after passing the Big Spring Park and go about a mile up the road. You'll be able to see the wooded hill with a bench and fountain in the middle of it. This is to honor Captain Ambrose Ryder, who was a volunteer in the First World War. The fountain is actually in the middle of a valley and the bench is facing south.

Immediately following the bench, you'll find a historical marker. You'll need to walk down the right side of the road and look for the white church and statue. It's obvious that someone's attempted to use this location for a church once, but the gazebo is still standing and is an art piece of the county's Heritage. After leaving the gazebo, you can see another white structure in the far distance.

After seeing Nashville in Tennessee, you'll want to stop at the Stone Church, which has been opened by the name of Goodpasture. It serves as a memorial to Goodpasture King, who was the oldest mayor of Nashville. Next, look for Fort Pickett just east of Pigeon Forge. This fort was built by the great George Rogers Clark.

After you're done exploring the historic sites in Nashville, it's time to head back home. You can easily get to Pigeon Forge by taking the I-24 East to Montgomery, Alabama. For a scenic view of the environment in Tennessee, head west on I-24, then continue until you get to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. You'll find a gift shop that is actually the gift shop of George Rogers Clark. This gift shop is known as The Historic Fox Gift Shop and provides various gifts like jewelry, quilts, paper goods, and other interesting items.

Just remember that when you go to Collierville, you have to make your way back to the interstate in order to complete your journey. After you do that, the trip will be a little more exciting as you drive down the scenic roads. If you have a chance to check out the historical sites in Nashville, don't hesitate to do so!