Area Code 870 - Information about Arkansas

A trip to Arkansas is truly an adventure. Once you have decided to go, you have to travel a couple of hours through beautiful, sandy hills and narrow river valleys to get to the Arkansas, Ia. There, you will find Arkansas' many wonderful places to stay, from the luxurious downtown hotels, to cozy Bed and Breakfasts and historic inns to quaint little cabins nestled among the woods and creeks of this great state.


Some of the most popular accommodations in Arkansas are the luxurious downtown hotels, which offer world-class services, superior rooms and superior amenities. These hotels are usually located in the central business district of Arkansas. You can also go for the sprawling mid-range hotels and town-homes, which are situated at important tourist destinations and along the picturesque and scenic river banks and highways.

The Historic Inn of Piggly Wiggly is a family-friendly business, which offers good customer service and good night's sleep in a classic setting. This hotel is the very reason that is giving a breakaway about the name "Piggly Wiggly" that has become a part of the world famous hot dog brand. The Inn is a place for everyone. It offers live entertainment in the form of comedians, poets, singer, and dancers.

The Belmont Inn offers one of the best suites in the Arkansas and offers some of the best service and good night's sleep in the world. This hotel is just close to the beautiful Dixie National Forest. If you're looking for a great view of the Arkansas, you can get to the Belmont Inn for the beauty of this region.

The Miley Cyrus Inn is a great place to go for a vacation as it offers world-class service and hospitality. The Miley Cyrus Inn is also a special place because of its proximity to the famous Duck Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. The duck boats ride is really spectacular, especially when you're in the midst of nature and in a cabin among the lakes and streams. Guests staying at the Miley Cyrus Inn will surely experience what a stay in Arkansas will be like.

The log cabin accommodations in Arkansas are perfect for those who wish to have an experience of the rich history and natural beauty of the state. They provide fantastic amenities including real-time weather forecast information. They also provide fine dining along with recreational activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, and swimming.

Darlington is a historical town with old-fashioned charm, known for its cottages and small hotels. Darlington is also considered one of the finest historic towns in the United States. Darlington is one of the preferred vacation spots for travelers from all over the country.

Charleston is another interesting location in Arkansas. Charleston is noted for its lots of history and beauty. The Charleston River is located within the city and it is a favorite place for swimming and relaxing in the summer.