Area Code 865 - Information about Tennessee


Knoxville and Chattanooga are the most populous cities in Tennessee. If you want to live near a university, be in a college town, or the home of a major manufacturing company, Tennessee is the place for you. The two universities in Knoxville are the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In addition, there are many colleges in this area and so there are plenty of jobs for people in the Knoxville area.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee is located in the Pigeon Forge and Haywood County area of the state. This city has a population of roughly eighteen hundred people. It is a popular city for manufacturers because of the large quantity of steel that is manufactured in Oak Ridge. The capital of Tennessee, Nashville, is located near Oak Ridge and also has a large steel mill. There are several major manufacturers in this area of the state.

A student in Tennessee has a number of options for housing. One of the best ways to find a good price for housing in Tennessee is to check out homes in Oak Ridge for sale. At a below market rate price can help a potential homeowner save a lot of money on their housing costs. Many people do not look at buying homes in Tennessee without checking out Oak Ridge for sale first because it is known as one of the most affordable places to live in the entire country.

Students in Knoxville are lucky because they have a number of student housing options in the city. There are many houses available for rent at a very low rate and students do not have to worry about paying for rent for the rest of their lives. Knoxville student housing options include the community of Bancroft Hall where there are two distinct parts of the community, one located on the West side of Bancroft Hall and the other is located on the East side of Bancroft Hall. Knoxville students can find a variety of homes for rent from one thousand dollars up to over two thousand dollars.

The South Knoxville area of the city is another student housing option for students. Many students here can find house rentals for around a thousand dollars or less a month. If you are looking for student housing, Knoxville is a great place to begin your search.

Utena, Tennessee is an attractive community for students because of the large number of housing options for the college. Utena is located in the Pigeon Forge area of the state and is close to downtown Nashville. The University of Tennessee at Utena is a small but very big university that offers a very high quality education.

The Pigeon Forge area of the state is a popular college town for students and Utena is no exception. Students can enjoy the local restaurants, local shopping, and local entertainment options while they are attending the University of Tennessee at Utena. If you are looking for a college town, Utena should be a top consideration.

The Hollis-Knoxville community is located in South Central Tennessee and is in the middle of the High Shoals mountain range. The area is very rural and scenic. There are several houses for rent in this area for the upper end of the market. There are also lots of student housing options in this area and the price is just right for students to consider.