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If you've ever taken a trip to the South, you've likely been drawn to the delicious cuisine of the state of South Carolina. It is one of the few states in the US that is recognized for its fine cuisine and has a long history of cooking. The best meals can be found in the southern part of the state.

South Carolina

Seafood is the food of choice in South Carolina. Fresh fish and shellfish are prepared in many different ways and they can add flavors to just about any dish. The crabs and shrimp are great with gumbo, while the oysters are served on the half shell and the clams as delicious sauces for salads. In addition to the fresh seafood, the meat markets in the state sell large amounts of pork and beef and there are also quite a few barbecue restaurants throughout the South Carolina coast.

The fresh beaches and the great weather are what make the Florida Keys such a popular tourist destination, but there are some other great places to eat in the state as well. One of the lesser known dining spots is the Anderson, South Carolina, shopping center. The Anderson is home to many African American owned businesses that sell handmade crafts and gifts.

They offer a variety of different stores and items including cloth and canvas crafts, blankets, bath products, and accessories. There are also several restaurants to enjoy. While not as well known as the shopping center, there are other areas of the area that are still popular for dining.

If you want to find something different at a South Carolina beach, you'll find it in Greenville, South Carolina. It's the oldest town on the Eastern Shore of the state and a beautiful sight to see in a beautiful state. Greenville has many options for dining including some of the best Italian cuisine around. Not to be outdone, the downtown area offers a wide variety of African American owned businesses and stores.

Greenville also features the shops that make up the historically Black Rose District which was located on the waterfront near the South Carolina State House. The storefronts remain today and the South Carolina Black Rose Museum is located in the heart of the district. Many of the shops in the district are run by members of the community who own their own businesses and are very proud of their contributions to the community.

The Water Street Inn Restaurant is one of the few establishments in Greenville that you'll find because the entire area is operated by volunteers. Restaurants are usually run by non-profit organizations or business people who want to build a lasting foundation for their business. By creating a nonprofit structure, you can avoid a lot of the problems that often arise when a restaurant is operated by non-profit group. In addition to the restaurants in Greenville, there are plenty of options for restaurants in the surrounding area as well.

Most of the restaurants in Greenville offer sit down meals. You'll find local and regional favorites, like Polenta and Tuscany. If you're in the mood for a seafood entree, you might want to try One Seafood Steakhouse in the Greenville area.