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Most of the US saw a dip in population during the Great Recession, but Florida was one of the few places to see growth. Thanks to the expansion of the Miami, Tampa and Orlando metro areas, the Sunshine State is now home to a growing number of residents who choose to live here year round. This makes Florida one of the best states to live in if you want to spend your retirement years.

Living in Florida is cheaper than many of the other states and this translates into lower cost of living. The lower cost of living allows Florida to maintain some of the best-paying jobs in the country. While many of the jobs in Florida are not the highest paying, they pay well enough that the majority of Floridians can afford to retire with comfort.

Retirement can be a very difficult time in one's life, especially if the economy is bad. Many retirees find themselves struggling with a low income that simply isn't enough to support their lifestyle. Retirement living helps make this struggle less stressful. Many retirees choose to live in Florida because of the low cost of living.

Another huge factor in Florida's attractiveness is the availability of beaches and other recreation activities. Florida is home to many fantastic beaches and a number of golf courses for the avid golfer. Because the climate is such a vast expanse of warm summers and cool winters, it makes sense to live in Florida, especially if you love the great outdoors.

Many retirees who have their own homes by their Florida retirement homes and rent them out while they are still living there. In most cases, these homes are rented out to retirees and other vacationers. This means that if you are an active retiree and are looking for a quiet and peaceful retreat, Florida is the place for you.

Local retirees often play golf during the winter months. Withthe help of a warm hot tub, lounge chair and a good book, this sport is a great way to get in touch with nature. Taking time to spend some time outside is a big part of what makes Florida a great place to retire.

Florida is home to several retirement communities. If you want to become part of a community, most of these communities are large and quite popular. You might even find a few that have an amazing view of the ocean!

A Florida retirement home is generally located in a private neighborhood so that neighbors do not disturb you. There are a number of important features that make this area a wonderful choice for retirees to move to. Whether you're a new retiree or a long-time resident, moving to Florida will bring you years of joy.