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One of the largest cities in New Jersey, Belleville is located on the Hudson River about 40 miles from New York City. The city was named for the Dutch colonies that were established there. Today, Belleville is an important agricultural area, home to more than thirty thousand farms and ranches.

New Jersey

During the eighteenth century, there were a flower show held in the town and the soil was rich in manure. As the town grew, farming became its main occupation and the city became known as the 'Milking Capital of the World'. The town is also famous for its Maple Syrup. Maple syrup was first cultivated here and was used in cooking, making jam and sweetening maple syrup.

Hay balm, chicory, blue cheese, lilac, rich mallow, sweet fennel, sweet geranium, juniper, oak, walnut, oak, pimento, sloes, striped wisteria, and wintergreen are some of the plants that can be found in the Belleville landscape. Some of the plants are perennial, while others are annuals. The shrubs are useful for creating hedges and for border areas.

Bouquets of wildflowers can be found in and around the flower show area. The local farmers also sell flowers to local nursery owners in bulk at a small profit margin. Fruits and vegetables from local farms are sold by local merchants to area markets and the produce is used in the stores.

Blooms and vines are grown throughout the summer as well as vegetables. The vines are used for climbing plants that are used to shade or be part of the back yard. There are also gardeners who grow ornamental plants in containers for their ornamental purposes.

If you decide to grow your own vegetables then there are many varieties to choose from including a number of herbs, greens, and seasonal flower and garden structure. The city has a number of nurseries and vegetable gardens that offer fresh and pre-packaged vegetables. Most of the farmers have a gardening shop where they sell produce to people who visit the area for the first time.

After the flower show, the people flock to the Belleville Farmers Market to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables and for cooking. The market is open daily and features an assortment of homemade soups, farm fresh honey, cheeses, breads, baked goods, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, turkey, and much more. It also features vendors who sell flowers, outdoor furnishings, furniture, tools, specialty foods, and gifts.

Petroglyphs of stone can be found in many parks in the city. Stone carvings and rock art can be found throughout the grounds of the gardens, parks, and other public places in the community.