Area Code 859 - Information about Kentucky

According to US Census figures, Kentucky is the largest of the thirty states of the Union. As the nation's eighteenth most populous state, Kentucky ranks sixth among those with the highest per capita gross domestic product in the United States. In addition, Kentucky is in the top twenty of all states in most economic indicators. In fact, Kentucky's economy is arguably the strongest in the country as measured by a number of economic measures.


Kentucky's economy includes a variety of industries including manufacturing, information technology, retailing, food services, banking, finance, health care, tourism, life sciences, wholesale and distribution, and others. Notable industries in Kentucky include apparel manufacturing, auto assembly plants, automotive parts, metal fabricated products, scrap metal processing, textiles, glass, coal, aircraft parts, and others. As an example, Kentucky's automotive assembly plant produces some of the highest quality automobile parts in the world. Most all auto parts made in Kentucky are manufactured in the United States. Automotive parts comprise most all components manufactured in the United States.

With a significant manufacturing base, Kentucky has developed a reputation for creating high quality products that are the pride of many people. In addition, Kentucky has produced numerous sports teams, celebrities, musicians, and other notable individuals over the years. Kentucky also has a thriving art scene.

Kentucky has much to offer tourists. Besides being home to Lexington, the capital city of Kentucky, Florence, Kentucky, it is also home to other beautiful places to visit, such as Covington, which is home to the largest city in Kentucky and home to many international business leaders. Covington is known for its upscale shopping centers, art galleries, spas, and museums. Lexington, a college town is considered to be the capital of Kentucky. It's home to the famous Kentucky Derby, as well as other events such as the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Among the many stops on your Kentucky vacations, you may want to make a stop in Florence, which is considered to be the most popular tourist destination in the state. The city of Florence is very large and definitely worth a stop. Florence is also located along the banks of the Appalachian Mountains, and the city is filled with beautiful views and greenery. Here, you can tour the impressive museum which was built in honor of Florence, the World Heritage Site, the Florence Cathedral, and many other unique attractions in the area.

Another place to visit in Kentucky, Kentucky Covington, is a small city located along the banks of the Tennessee River. Covington has many historic sites to visit, as well as attractive architecture. One notable feature of Covington is its religious history. You can learn more about the country's earliest churches in Covington by visiting a tour of the city. Tour guides will explain the rich historical background to help you appreciate the historical significance of Covington's history.

Finally, Covington is known as a host to many businesses. For example, James Buchanan Financial Services and Smith's, Inc., are both located in Covington. As the city is home to many international business leaders, you can take advantage of a trip to Covington to shop for supplies or shop at one of the many Covington shops for a variety of items to enjoy while in Kentucky.

With a vast natural beauty and a great education system, Kentucky is a state that is experiencing great changes and great growth. Take a trip to see this changing state in person.