Area Code 850 - Information about Florida

I've been living in and around Miami for nearly three decades now, but it wasn't until I recently moved to Florida that I first explored the Broward County area, as it's known here. So when I heard about a new waterfront development in the South Beach area of downtown Miami, I knew I had to check it out. And I'm glad I did, because I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and "all-around-ness" of this new development:


* Exotic Flora - The development is in a neighborhood called South Miami, which is an exclusive enclave of condos overlooking the water. There are shops on the sidewalks, and you can get groceries at the nearby food market or even rent a car from the rental company. You can even have your hair cut at a trendy salon! The area is full of palm trees and luscious greenery, which add to the vibrancy of the area.

* Bicycles on Premises - Currently, bikes are available for rent on the premises. You can visit a number of cycling-oriented establishments within the area, or you can just go to a specific place near the development to get out for a ride. The bikes are conveniently located, and the rental office is open from 9am to midnight. They even allow you to sign up for daily rentals!

* Chef Ristorantes - It's the "restaurant" within the "condo" complex, and while this area has not yet grown to be very exciting, it is opening up slowly, so stay tuned. From what I've seen, they're offering many of the typical Italian fare, but also offering a great wine bar. All kinds of good Italian dishes are on the menu, and the atmosphere is definitely very "Italian" and relaxed. As an added bonus, you'll even get to hang out with your friends and eat together!

* Sports Bar &Nightlife - So many people are moving to Florida, but the area still has a lot of great nightlife and sports bars. The area has many popular places like Outback, Cosmic Cowboy, and Chickie's, which have been in business for quite some time. But it also has new "hip" places like The Cult and Blue Ribbon Social, which are making waves in the industry.

* Luxury Amenities - With all of the upscale condos and mansions in the area, it's no wonder that there's a number of high-end, luxury establishments, including a high-end spa. There are unique amenities, including personalized concierge services, high-end, private pools, heated outdoor terraces, and more. The luxurious amenities include spa treatments, soaks, massages, and more, and if you want to look even more lavish, you can even avail of a fully equipped kitchen.

* Amazing Public Transportation - The Broward County community of South Miami is just a short distance from downtown Miami, which means that the area is a walking distance from the touristy areas of Brickell and South Beach-side neighborhood. There are plenty of buses, taxis, and buses and trains that stop right outside the development, which makes finding your way around much easier. If you need a ride, you can always take a taxi to the development or walk down to Brickell or South Beach-side area.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I love living in the beautiful, vibrant state of Florida. Thanks to the Miami Development Authority and South Miami for creating such a wonderful neighborhood.