Area Code 831 - Information about California

California, the home of Los Angeles, San Francisco and the beautiful golden California coast is a place for everyone to visit. California's southern end is known as the Golden State and the northern part is known as the Great State of California. L.A. and its neighboring cities hold a big share of California's beautiful landscapes and beaches.


If you are planning a trip to California, consider a trip to San Francisco, a city that you know very well but not as well as Hollister. Hollister and Monterey are not that far from San Francisco; however, San Francisco and Hollister are more than a good distance apart. Though San Francisco is famous for being a large city, it is also considered as the western center of California. In addition, California is located on a peninsula, making it a wonderland of flora and fauna.

If you have an interest in having a vacation in California, Hollister and Monterey are perfect places to visit. These two communities in the city of San Francisco to hold a large amount of visitors. The residents of these communities know how to treat visitors and make their holiday memorable. Residents of Hollister and Monterey have been welcoming visitors for many years, making them ideal places to stay while visiting California.

The United States and Canada have adopted the United Kingdom as their official state holiday for one day. In the United States, this holiday is known as Labor Day. In Canada, it is the statutory holiday for workers. Hollister and Monterey have retained their British origins and hence they are ideal destinations for a holiday in the UK or Canada.

Holidaymakers will also find that they do not need to leave California to enjoy their holiday. There are a number of excellent tours available in California. For example, for those who love wildlife, they can tour the California Academy of Sciences, while for those who love culture, the Stony Hill ArtMuseum is a must visit. Most of the animals found in California are protected by law and hence the tours must be conducted under strict rules.

Holidaymakers have an option of choosing among tours according to their interests. However, if you are looking for a luxury tour, there are a number of luxury groups that offer tours to Monterey and Hollister. They feature tours on private yachts, whale watching and various other aspects of California holidays.

California is a place where tourists can find lots of beautiful beaches. These can be explored by tourists who are keen to explore the natural wonders of California. Holidays in California can be made special by coming along a couple of guides, who will make sure that your holiday in California is not only enjoyable but comfortable as well. It is possible to book holidays on yachts or in small vacation homes in California.

Travelers can plan a dream vacation in California through tour guides. Holidays in California should not be missed by anyone. Holidays in California offer a range of activities to keep busy the whole year round.