Area Code 816 - Information about Missouri

It is easy to become a tourist in any state, but one has to travel south of the Mason-Dixon Line to find such a trip in Missouri. In the little town of Gladstone is a great opportunity to discover this wonderful state and its amazing history. Whether one enjoys the peaceful scene of nature in Gladstone or the rich historical ambiance of its famous Blue Springs, it is a beautiful town to visit.


However, there are many other towns in the state that are equally impressive. From Gladstone to Johnson City, there are many wonderful places to visit in the state.

One of the best aspects of staying in Gladstone is that it is right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. Many areas in Missouri tend to be far enough away from the river that they do not benefit from the economic advantages of living near the river. The Mississippi is the largest inland waterway in the United States and provides a wealth of benefits to both the region and the country as a whole.

However, blue springs have a special appeal to them. The area around the Blue Springs is an area where many towns and cities built large dam walls to safeguard their water supply. The name Blue Springs was derived from the hue of the water, which is typically clear.

Not only is the water a very important part of the region's history, but the area is a tremendous place to live. The river provides a constant supply of fresh water, and the area has a thriving fishing industry.

Another attraction in Gladstone is that the surrounding area is home to some great restaurants and shops. There are excellent restaurants to try in town, and many of them offer weekly specials. Visitors can also buy tickets to get into some of the city's fine theaters and events.

Missouri is a state full of things to do for tourists. There are many amazing sights to see that being part of the region's rich history. It is always a good idea to plan a trip to the area before getting in touch with anyone regarding lodging in the area.

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Gladstone is a charming little town located in a beautiful area. Those traveling north along I-70 should consider stopping in Gladstone, Missouri and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area while resting up for a day of adventures. There are a number of great hotels and inns to choose from in Gladstone, Missouri.