Area Code 814 - Information about Pennsylvania

When it comes to the western part of Pennsylvania, most people think of farms and factories. You will notice that Johnstown is not in this area. There are a few mining operations, however. But Pennsylvania is really about two things: agriculture and tourism.


With all the magnificent fishing in Pennsylvania, you can't help but want to go there. One of the best places to see the coastline and Atlantic Ocean is around Johnstown. There are many fishing lodges that offer you live bait in the comfort of your own hotel room. You will get to fish for bass, tarpon, or any of the other species that fish in this area. The water is crystal clear, making for a very enjoyable vacation on the water.

Erie's fishing season runs from late May through mid July. Fishing lodges and inns will be able to provide you with the knowledge you need to catch the best fish possible. However, if you would like to visit the area, the best place to stay is in a small cottage that will allow you to fish year round. Many of these cottages are located on the banks of the Allegheny River, which is also known as the "Godfather of Cottages".

No trip to Pennsylvania without mentioning the rich history that resides in this state. You can learn about the fact that some of the earliest civilizations are in this area. No matter what time period you're looking at, Pennsylvania will be sure to have something to offer you. You can learn about the facts regarding how the hills were the center of trade for these early tribes, and you can also learn about how the mountains shaped the land. The landscape is very breathtaking.

When you finally reach Pennsylvania, you will learn about the great days of Lewis and Clark. They are now widely celebrated as a legend and as a fact. You can find many museums and a very unique town right here.

Some of the attractions you will find here include the Red Lion House and the Altoona Casino. The Casino has a grand history, and you will learn about the successful life of a casino manager in Altoona. You can also learn about how different people came together to build something special.

You will find some historical markers in Altoona, which is home to a Thomas Jefferson's Camp. The park is also home to the Reverend Jack Wagner, an extraordinary pastor who dedicated his life to helping others in need. You can explore the park and learn about the importance of charity. It is one of the main tenets of the United Methodist Church.

If you're looking for some amazing cultural experiences, make sure you check out the Mill Hill Cemetery. This is also a National Historic Landmark and you can learn all about the interesting artifacts here.