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From the morning of December 4, 1863, the flag of Texas has been flying over a historic section of Texas, and Amarillo is home to many historical landmarks. From Fort Davis in Plainview to the historic tourist town of Amarillo, Texas, Amarillo, TX is a popular tourist destination. From the battlefields to the great plains, Amarillo is one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Texas.

People from all over the world enjoy Lubbock, TX, as a center for farmers, farmers' markets, museums, and learning about the rich heritage of Texas. Some of the attractions that you will find in Lubbock include:

Historic Park District - The park district of Lubbock is comprised of eighteen historic districts. Each district contains its own interesting history. An interesting district to visit is the Fairview Cemetery District.

Cane Lands of South Texas - The historic Cane Lands are a picturesque area featuring hundreds of plantation houses. They are also home to wonderful historic buildings. Some of the most popular Cane Lands sites include the Alton Furnace, and the King Ranch.

The Leatherhead Area - The Leatherhead area is renowned for its hills and beautiful scenery. It also is a favorite hunting ground for many deer hunters. It also has a large number of parks and golf courses.

Del Mar Circus - The Circus is a renowned summer entertainment venue. Its annual schedule includes an array of dance shows, musical acts, clowns, belly dancers, juggling acts, and many more. You will even find many street performers who entertain with their costumes and displays.

Plainview - Located on the Brazos River, Plainview is known for its beautiful landscapes and beautiful women. Famous prostitutesin Plainview has a reputation for being some of the best in the world. One night, you may even see your child, wife, or mistress of your dreams in Plainview.

If you would like to be at the forefront of all things Texas, or just simply want to be near the heart of Amarillo's diverse culture, Lubbock, TX is your best bet. Take time to explore the cultural attractions of the city, and you will never regret it.