Area Code 804 - Information about Virginia

Living in the Hampton Roads area is an excellent choice for the creative, creative type. At Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the Peninsula, there are truly endless options for a living, making a home, or simply enjoying your time on the water. Fishing, hiking, biking, exploring, and much more is all available in Virginia.


One of the easiest ways to explore Virginia and the Peninsula is by riding along the Hopewell Canal, a set of 40 miles of natural waterway that runs from Virginia Beach to Petersburg, and other towns within the area. An especially enjoyable, albeit long, ride takes you along the Hopewell River on a pedestrian bridge that spans the canal. A boating tour of the Hopewell River can lead to several spots that offer an intimate glimpse of the area's local history.

Across the Hopewell River from the Hopewell Bridge is Petersburg, which provides a fun and exciting experience that people young and old will find enjoyable. Petersburg boasts a rich history with the "fish factories" of early 20th century supplying the city with fish, crustaceans, and fish eggs. After it became apparent that the city needed to be moved closer to the ocean, the river was widened, making it easier to cross.

The village contains a series of large Victorian homes that once housed people of rich wealth but now are affordable to many. The real estate market has taken a sharp downturn, but the village is still filled with luxury homes that sell for well above average values. Many who live in the village have been able to stay there for generations due to its proximity to the waterfront. Because it is close to Petersburg, the town is always a great place to meet with friends or take in some major local attractions.

The villages of Hopewell and Petersburg are connected by a train line, so to access their respective homes you'll have to take a train from Norfolk, which is about a mile and a half away. However, a scenic walk across the bridge that marks the Hopewell Canal makes the train trip enjoyable. It is possible to take in the architectural beauty of the region while on the waterfront, but those who prefer the freedom of exploring in a vehicle will enjoy the over-all feel of the two villages combined.

For those who wish to get out of town and experience some of the natural scenery of the region, the Hopewell Bridge is a superb way to get you back in the world. The bridge offers some spectacular views of the Hopewell River that can be enjoyed from your window or balcony. To get to Petersburg, the bridge is only a mile and a half away.

In the summertime, you can find great fishing and camping in the area with several Virginia beaches that are just minutes away from the Hopewell Bridge. The entire village is lit up at night, providing a delightful feel of being on vacation at your own pace. Spending the day strolling along the streets in the evening, eating some seafood, or enjoying the fresh air, is something that is common place for people who live in the Hampton Roads area.

Virginia Beach and Hopewell are two of the best towns in the region. Both have wonderful shopping, tons of restaurants, and entertainment venues, and a variety of other things to do for residents. If you wish to be close to the water, you can find homes that are nestled in the well kept suburbs of Virginia Beach that are a perfect fit for those who enjoy living in the country.