Area Code 803 - Information about South Carolina

South Carolina

South Carolina is located in the United States, between North Carolina and Georgia. It is one of the seven states that split off of the original thirteen colonies.

The first settlement was in Charleston which are in South Carolina, and Rock Hill is now a part of the city. The state has many natural features such as the Piedmont Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, and beautiful beaches.

It is famous for many different flavors of cheeses. It is home to some of the best cheeses in the world including German and Cheddar. Some of the most famous cheeses from the state include Mott's, Blue Hills Black, Creamery and Russell Street.

There are some of the best beaches in the entire state, including Ocean Isle Beach, Beach Crest and Beryl Beach. Rock Hill is also known for the Rhine. It is close to other cities such as Columbia, Clemson, Florence, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Oconee, Spartanburg and Myrtle Beach.

The climate is warm with a large number of festivals. The state is very popular among tourists as it offers scenic scenery. It is home to the most diverse population and some of the most beautiful golf courses.

It is home to many vineyards such as Maud, Harveys Vineyard, Bass Pro and the Wine Industry. It is also famous for its fishing, especially while the weather is pleasant.

It is close to Cinco De Mayo, which will be celebrated on Mardi Gras. This celebration is based on the Mayan calendar. The town of Micanopy in Spartanburg is the capital of the state and it is full of history and colorful colonial buildings.

For travelers wanting to enjoy the beauty of the state of South Carolina, it would be a good idea to visit Rock Hill. It is known for many festivals and it has some of the best restaurants and food in the entire state.