Area Code 787 - Information about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful island in the world. The island has many treasures, from beautiful beaches, to beautiful beaches, mountains, and beaches. But, it also has a few streets that have not changed much since its colonial days.

Puerto Rico

Those ancient streets are Trujillo Alto and Santurce. Trujillo Alto was the first settlement on the island when it was discovered by the Spaniards. In fact, the name 'Trujillo' is Spanish for desert. It was named so because it was thought to be a place where travelers would seek refuge after traveling too far from home.

Most people will drive along a small road called San Jose towards the northern end of the island. You will pass by the Old Manzanillo, home of the confederate flag, where the locals hold a ceremony each June. A Spanish colony, Old Manzanillo is noted for its tall, white, tower-like structures.

Old Manzanillo is a popular tourist destination, though many tourists do not take the time to see it. Instead, they travel south toward the Gulf of Mariguana. If you decide to stop there, there is an entrance to the Santurce Parish, a Puerto Rican hamlet known for the unique variety of grapes that are grown there. Notable areas in which the locals grow this grape variety include Churruca, Guayabo, and San Juan.

The beach is a great place to enjoy yourself during your vacation, but if you are looking for an amazing location to experience the full beauty of Puerto Rico, you should consider driving past the colonial town of Santurce. Santurce is in the eastern part of the island. It was founded in 1747 by two Spanish landowners, Pedro Delgado and Cesar Vazquez. The town is called Santurce because of the beautiful palm trees that line the streets.

On a nice day, you may want to spend a day in this area, especially after lunch. Santurce is one of the best locations in which to stop for coffee and a bite to eat. It is also one of the best places to see while in Puerto Rico.

On a trip to Puerto Rico, you might want to try and find a large number of little small Spanish settlements, mostly on the northern part of the island. These tiny Spanish villages are often referred to as callers. Callejos are small communities that are located near rivers and canals. In some cases, you might see as many as five callers in a small area.

If you visit a number of callers on your vacation to Puerto Rico, you might just find that you can not get enough of these little villages. One of the many attractions to visit while in these callers is the Castillo de San Juan. The Castillo is known for its arch-shaped entrance, which is actually the work of a student of architecture, Araceli de Candelaria.