Area Code 765 - Information about Indiana

Many people look at Indiana as a boring state because there are no exciting cities or a lot of things to do. If you want to experience Indiana, you have to head for the cities of Kokomo and Anderson, as well as the university that are Purdue University in West Lafayette.


As you probably know, Indianapolis is the second largest city in Indiana and has a lot of culture and city life. There are many historical landmarks and museums in this city, as well as many restaurants and bars to enjoy during your visit. You can see old world charm and a blend of cultures in this city. You should plan a tour of Indianapolis before you get to Indiana.

While in Indiana, you will also want to visit some of the beautiful sights of Kokomo. Here you will see the Hoosier Battlefields which was created for World War I. The different buildings and statues create an interesting and colorful scene for your trip.

Of course, you will want to head back to Indiana if you want to catch up on your plans for a night out. The town of Kokomo is home to a very small population of people, but you can still enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, especially if you have tickets to a show at the Six Flags Amusement Park. The park offers activities such as parachuting, sky diving, and extreme sports.

Your trip should end with you enjoying a wonderful nightlife at the famous Marion Motel which offers cheap rates and great service. This is a convenient place to stay and enjoy yourself. The place is decorated with lights and has a private swimming pool for those that wish to relax.

When you head back to Indiana from your trip, you can take a trip to West Lafayette. This town has a laid back atmosphere and there are many bars and restaurants here for you to enjoy. Even though this town does not seem like a good place to visit, you can enjoy all the local history and art.

If you head to the Fairgrounds here, you can see the history of this area that is filled with farms and parks. These areas were used by the Civil War veterans as a way to live, as well as many other military personnel who stayed at the fairgrounds.

The town of Anderson is another unique place in Indiana that has many attractions to offer. You can visit this town when you head to Indiana and enjoy a town with a bit of history and tradition as well as the attractions that are located in this town.