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North Carolina

The North Carolina is a beautiful state, which has been featured in many movies and television series. Some of the famous people that have set their films in the area include Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Dabney Coleman, Eric McCormack, and David Cross.

One thing that will keep the tourists coming to the area is the summer season which starts from July through September. During this period, Greensboro, North Carolina is known for its beautiful weather which is sunny and warm. This is the only time that you can visit during the summer season as there are so many other tourists who come during the fall, winter and spring.

Although Ben Kingsley chose Greensboro as his filming location, he had it set on Lake Wylie. His filming was reportedly for "Rain Man", and the film was filmed in the northern part of the North Carolina. The film's opening scenes were filmed in Greensboro, North Carolina and according to the credits for the film, the whole city was filmed. Interestingly enough, many people still refer to Greensboro as the filming location for "Rain Man".

The topic of basketball is also a hot topic in the region. Many high school, college and professional teams in the area make the trip to Greensboro each year to play each other in various tournaments and practices. This may also be the reason why Burlington, North Carolina is home to many NBA players like Dwyane Wade, Rasual Butler, Gerald Wallace, Ben Wallace, Mike Bibby, Ryan Anderson, Derrick Rose, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross, Joe Johnson, Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, and Ben Gordon.

North Carolina State University is also the home of many basketball stars like Jimmy Butler, Wayne Ellington, Wayne Kelly, Tony Snell, Kenny Hilliard, John Dawson, Byron Dickerson, Luke Ridnour, and Anthony Parker. Other college athletes who have made it big in the NBA are many more such as Dennis Rodman, Sam Bowie, Michael Jordan, Jim Paxson, Matt Chatham, and Paul Pierce.

From time to time, you can also find many online videos of many North Carolina athletes that you can watch. If you are interested in seeing the performances of Ben Wallace, Justin Payne, or Thomas Jackson, all you need to do is visit YouTube. These videos will surely give you an idea about the NBA talent that's already in Greensboro.

For those who want to experience live performances, you can always get concert tickets to see local musicians at the Soddy Daisy and Joe McMillan theaters. On top of that, there are also free concerts that you can attend and take part in.

However, you will probably need to do some research before you actually book your accommodations at the best hotels and resorts in the area. You can also search for reviews on online travel sites such as Expedia or Hotwire. This will help you make an informed decision before you go to your very first North Carolina vacation.