Area Code 734 - Information about Michigan


The Detroit area is a major metropolitan area, and it is home to many successful cities in Michigan. Among the largest cities in Michigan are Detroit, Ann Arbor, Canton, and Garden City. In each of these cities you will find a diverse population, a combination of a large city life and suburb life, as well as natural beauty, and an excellent place to live.

These beautiful cities are filled with people who enjoy being active and enjoying all the fun activities there are to do. Michigan's lakes, rivers, and streams provide opportunities for recreation and water sports, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, golfing, boating, tubing, sailing, and many other activities. Each city has its own unique identity and character, and each has their own beautiful lakes and streams. All of these have a purpose to make them so popular in Michigan.

It's important to understand what Ann Arbor is. Ann Arbor is the place where Wayne State University is located. The University's main campus is located in Ann Arbor.

Located right next to Wayne State is a university called Thomas Edison State College. It is located on the southeast side of Ann Arbor, near the intersection of U.S. 131 and Dort Highway. This is a college that is dedicated to providing education for individuals of all ages, whether or not they want to pursue a career in the engineering field.

If you want to experience a very urban environment, then you should consider living in Garden City. Located in southern Michigan, Garden City is a town filled with houses designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright. There are homes for sale in Garden City designed by the famous architect, who loved to build homes in the most unusual of locations.

Phoenix Arizona is a good place to find affordable real estate in Michigan. The most beautiful homes in the southwest part of the state are located in Phoenix Arizona. Many families from Southern Michigan flock to this city to escape the more urban setting, or to live close to work.

Although the popular image of Ann Arbor has been a college town, the city is also home to many artists. With many thriving arts communities, Ann Arbor is one of the most diverse places in Michigan. At least three of the world famous University of Michigan libraries are located in Ann Arbor.

Each of these beautiful cities has its own unique atmosphere. Each offers a multitude of options to residents to choose from. If you are looking for an exciting community that offers a wide variety of activities and amenities, as well as a cultural lifestyle, than Ann Arbor is a great place to be!