Area Code 724 - Information about Pennsylvania

While not the most populous state in the country, Pennsylvania has always been a favorite stop for those visiting New York City. There are a variety of places that can be visited when touring the region. There are a number of attractions that can be enjoyed in and around Philadelphia as well as in and around each borough of New York City.


A quick way to get around while visiting Pennsylvania is to take the ferry from the Rhode Island Ferry Terminal to Plum Island. This will get you to all of the major towns in the state including, Great Meadows, Great Run, Plum, South Cumberland, Huntingdon, and West Chester. There are also a number of ferry boats that offer some of the best fishing opportunities in the area.

There are several points of interest that are also within easy walking distance from various attractions. One such example is the Story Book Farm. Here children can meet animals and explore the land.

Another popular attraction that should not be missed while touring the region is the Reading Railroad Museum. This museum showcases a number of features of the region's railway history. The exhibit displays antique and vintage locomotives, rolling stock, and everything else that make up the industry. It also takes visitors on a journey through the city of Reading where they can visit the main train station and witness how the railway worked in its infancy.

Visitors can also make a point of visiting the New York Railroad Museum to learn about the history of the New York Central Railroad Company, which, along with the Pennsylvania Railroad, was the largest railroad company in the country during the nineteenth century. You can also see how the modern day Amtrak system of trains operate through the facility. This is the only real passenger railroad line in the state of Pennsylvania.

There is a wide range of history displays at the Baldwin House Museum in Plum. This is a museum dedicated to providing visitors with an education in the history of the area and the areas surrounding it. Many of the exhibits cover topics like religious conversions, slavery, and early American life in general.

Hopscotch Island is another attraction that should not be missed while touring the region. Located close to Sewickley, this amusement park provides hours of fun for both the young and the old. From amusement rides to a small zoo, everyone is sure to find something to enjoy here. Some of the rides include the Big Hopscotch, Bantam Boomerang, and Spider Boat.

So if you plan on taking a vacation or trip to the great state of New York, consider visiting Pennsylvania and seeing some of the sights that are available to take advantage of. It would be a treat to see such a diverse landscape at this point in time. Of course, all of these attractions are easily accessible, with the ferry crossing the state to provide plenty of ways to experience this region and more.