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St. Croix, or St. Dime as it is known to its citizens, is a small island in the middle of the Canadian Caribbean. It is situated off the east coast of Canada and south of Quebec.


This is the only island that is claimed by two provinces; one part is a protected natural reserve and the other is managed by the US as a National Park. The island has been used for sailing for many years but only in recent years have the boats really started to move from the docks. A lot of people have enjoyed the facilities at these parks and the facilities on the mainland that are on the island.

This has lead to people buying real estate on the island in Wisconsin. A lot of home builders in Wisconsin have had homes built on the island for many years. Some of the biggest real estate estates that were built on the island include; Willis Ave and Lewis Ave.

These streets have not been used for commercial purposes for a long time but they are now being used as apartment buildings and town houses. As a result people on the island have been buying these properties. The commercial developments that have been built over the last few years have included; the main street that runs north from the town square down to the water; streets D and E, and finally the new town center building. These developments were all designed to fit the needs of the visitors to the island.

This small island was used to build the main roads that are now used by the people from Wisconsin on the mainland to get to the shopping areas that are on the island. The same applies to the way people who live on the island travel to the mainland to go to work. On the main road there is a paved path that runs along it. It passes by a huge parking lot.

On the other side of the avenue you will see a small intersection. Atthis point the road goes off into a ditch that is about ten feet wide, leading to a roadway on the other side of the island.

The second thing you will notice is that at the end of the Avenue you will see the bridge. This bridge is over an irrigation canal, that leads to a small lake where an air force base is located. In addition to these buildings and roads you can also see a number of power generating stations; one for each end of the avenue.

If you are looking for various accommodations, you will be able to find them on the island. In addition to this you will be able to find people to hire for all of your travel needs. The St. Croix Island Apartments is just one of the possibilities.