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In the state of Texas, the subtropical Gulf Coast is characterized by small towns nestled along the shores of long rivers. The tourist destinations in this region of the state are varied. From majestic cities of charm like Galveston and Houston to historic communities of Waco and Batesville, all visitors to Texas will find a number of fascinating places that are sure to impress. If you are planning a vacation trip to Texas, you should definitely consider taking a cruise around the beaches of the Baytown area.

Baytown is a popular spot for a vacation destination for couples and families. The hotels and spas here offer a variety of services that you will not find anywhere else in Texas. From a resort that caters to families to a luxury hotel that caters to couples, these hotels have an interesting mix of facilities for all types of travelers.

Even though it is home to some of the best hotels in Texas, Baytown is also home to a number of less well-known activities. One of the famous activities here is the historic Fort Wharton. This fort is recognized as the site of the Alamo. However, it is also known as the "Battle of Baytown". You can visit this fort for a number of reasons including historical events and wildlife.

Historic inaccuracies aside, this is still one of the most visited sites in Texas. It was built as a type of military base from 1868 to 1915. The hotel offers an assortment of activities that you can enjoy with your family. There are boats available for rent that give guests the opportunity to explore the city, sail on the bayou or simply have fun in the sun.

Lake Louisa is another popular vacation destination in the state of Texas. It is a town located about sixty miles east of the city of Baytown. In the downtown area, you will find museums and attractions that promote the artistry of the area. The hotel's Old Town museum is an interesting place to visit to see items that were made in the town.

What you may not know about Baytown is that it was once the site of a cotton mill. The main attractions here include the Old River Mill Museum, which has exhibits on textile art, and the Outdoor History Center, which showcases artifacts from Texas' past. You can also go hiking or swimming in the lake for a number of reasons.

The hotels in Baytown are set in beautiful communities. The downtown area offers a number of stores, restaurants, and bars. For a historical site, the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Baytown is a worthwhile place to visit. Other attractions in the area include the Pecan Museum, the Skyway Theater, and the old Dixie General Store.

As you can see, there are many exciting activities to do in the Baytown area. Take advantage of the amenities offered in these hotels. This will help make your vacation a pleasant experience for everyone. No matter what your reason for taking a trip to Texas, you will be able to find a place to stay that fits your budget and vacation desires.