Area Code 712 - Information about Iowa

Perhaps, the perfect summer vacation in the United States is spent in Iowa. The state boasts many tourist attractions and beaches. It is the home of the Iowan State Fair where people can have fun all day long.


Iowa is a popular summer destination for families because of its many beaches. The beach in Council Bluffs is one of the best in the entire state. There are many stores and restaurants along the coastline. When you want to relax, you can take a dip in the Ocean. You can also go for a fishing trip or just have fun with friends.

If you are a sports fan, the state of Iowa is a great place to visit. Iowa has two major sports teams: the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. Fans of both these schools enjoy going to their game and then heading to the nearby bars and restaurants to enjoy the game with family and friends. The Iowa State Fair also offers a lot of entertainment for fans. There are console games, laser tag, monster truck racing, hot air balloon rides, and other activities that allow fans to bond while watching the game.

There are also plenty of adventure activities to do in the state. Horseback riding, hiking, and camping are all popular. The lake in Council Bluffs offers boating, fishing, and rafting.

While visiting Iowa, one should take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you visit the Grand Island Historic Farmhouse, there are historical artifacts inside. You can also go to the John Deere Museum in Council Bluffs. The museum features different farm tractors and the history of farming.

One of the most well-known beaches in the state is the Beach Bowl in Sioux City. The beach was built onthe National Register of Historic Places. This beach is considered a part of the parkway museum. If you love the beach, this is the ideal place to relax and have fun with your family.

If you are looking for a meal, there is the famous Dinning Hall Restaurant in Council Bluffs. A great steak dinner will please anyone. It is located in the historic building known as the Elkhorn Inn. In addition, the Old Flume Hotel has an outdoor deck where people can sit and enjoy the scenery. You can also walk to some local shops and restaurants in the area.

It is very easy to find a great way to enjoy the beautiful state of Iowa. Iowa is a great place to visit for a holiday trip or even for a weekend getaway. Start planning your vacation now!