Area Code 670 - Information about Northern Mariana Islands


Travelers from Japan to the Northern Mariana Islands are often surprised at the beauty and diversity of these tropical islands. More than three hundred species of plants, seven hundred fish species, and ten hundred bird species inhabit the archipelago. In addition, rainforests are found on Rinca Archipelago and Guam, respectively. It is these unique flora and fauna that provide an excellent education for travelers looking to learn about tropical cultures.

If your travel plans include visiting the Disneyland Resort in Southern California, Hawaii, or the Oahu Island of Kauai, chances are you will be spending a fair amount of time on the islands. In addition, if you are planning to visit your own family or friends, this could provide you with the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with them. The great thing about the islands is that they offer you the opportunity to engage in the local culture for your entire trip. In addition, it is possible to take a short excursion to a beautiful spot where you can enjoy island fare and witness the culture and history that are shared by each of the islands.

Visitors who want to visit Disney World may find the Northern Mariana Islands a suitable alternative. Other visitors can take their vacations from any major city in the United States and still get some true island experience. In fact, if you are lucky enough to have your passport for a period of three months or longer, you will have the ability to visit more than one island. For example, visitors can spend their time visiting Waimanalo, US territory. For those who live on Oahu Island, it is possible to get a feel for the tropical forests of the Rinca Archipelago or spend time on the great beaches of Guam.

The Rinca Archipelago is made up of two main islands, Rapa Nui and Rinca. Rapa Nui is the larger of the two islands, while Rinca is the smaller. Rinca is home to several indigenous tribes, but is also famous for its artisans. In addition, it is home to eleven cayes which make it popular for tourists who want to enjoy local cuisine. These days, a large part of the tourism that visits the Northern Mariana Islands comes from individuals looking to enjoy the unique culture of Rinca.

On Guam, you will find a very unique culture and cuisine. One reason that tourists choose to visit the island is because of the variety of food that is served on the island. Some cays offer locally made wine, while others sell locally grown fruits and vegetables. In addition, the island is home to a variety of birds and reptiles that can be enjoyed for their unique characteristics.

On Rinca, you will also find a number of different ways. The largest is the island of Luzon. On this island, local residents create lovely canoes for tourists to use. Many people enjoy using the canoes that they construct and sail out into the water. In addition, the canoes are enjoyed for an entire day, enabling you to soak up the beautiful scenery as you enjoy a fine meal.

Another reason that so many people choose to visit the Northern Mariana Islands is the diversity of water activities that are available to the island visitors. As well, there are plenty of great places for bird watchers to view the birds. Since so many bird species frequent the islands, the area is sometimes referred to as the "Bird Capital of the World."

There are several tour companies that offer tours to the islands, but travelers should be aware that prices do vary from place to place. For example, the cost of airfare will likely vary depending on the airline you fly on. While all of the islands have their unique local cultures, the only way to really understand them is to participate in the local culture yourself.