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Those who are really interested in the California dreams cannot do so without a visit to the state capital. Los Gatos is the capital of the state of California. A city with a historical significance is the site where the largest American flag was erected in the United States. The city holds many distinctive features that make it a worthy tourist destination.

The state capital has vast expanses of verdant valleys, rolling hills and magnificent parks spread all over, giving it an alluring and extensive recreational facilities. You can enjoy fun-filled activities like nature trails, hiking, horse riding, boating, cycling, and playing golf. Aside from these, you can also have a taste of the heritage of California by learning about the history of California's pioneer times. So if you love California history, you cannot miss a trip to Los Gatos.

If you want to see some of the most spectacular natural sites in California, there is nothing better than visiting the Indian Headlands. They are seven main volcanic cones that form the headland of the Bay of San Francisco. The foothills of Mount Hamilton and Santa Rosa loom behind them.

If you want to go trekking in the wilderness, you should visit the Dry Creek Trail. In fact, it is considered to be one of the finest hikes in the entire state. This trail leads from the Dry Creek Campground and is very near the Pittsburg-Vallejo Freeway. You can also view the magnificent wildlife of California in this trail.

One of the finest scenery of the state is the beautiful scenery of the San Joaquin Valley in Campbell. This valley is a retreat of the Sierra Nevada, with an abundant variety of flora and fauna. Visiting this valley gives you a chance to get a taste of California's culture and tradition. It is one of the must-visitlocations in California.

You will be mesmerized by the beautiful vineyards in Los Gatos. Many wineries are located in the city. Moreover, the wine tours in Los Gatos provide you the opportunity to taste the best wines of California.

When you are thinking of skiing in California, visit the gates of the ski resorts in Gilroy. Gilroy is the perfect place for you to try your skiing skills on. Just like other ski resorts in California, the resort offers the best skiers the chance to come and try their skills. So you can expect snow for you.

You may not visit California every year. However, if you like visiting the wonderful places of California, why don't you take a vacation in Los Gatos. California's beauty is immeasurable.