Area Code 660 - Information about Missouri

So, if you have decided to move to the wonderful and exciting land of Missouri, you will need to find a place to live in Sedalia, MO. The city of Sedalia, Missouri is known for it's historic buildings and the wonderful people that reside in this area.


The Old Downtown Area is very well maintained, and many years ago was a busy area with a post office, churches, and other businesses. You can still see many of these stores and businesses still here today. While the city has grown in it's past, it has grown in it's present and there are many great apartments and homes to choose from. There are a few neighborhoods in Sedalia that offer nice living that you may want to check out.

The Old Town of Sedalia, MO is a neighborhood that offers residents the best of everything. You can get access to a great church, shopping, and lots of restaurants in this area. One of the main streets in the area, Missouri Ave, has been recognized as one of the main streets in America.

If you have never visited this area of Missouri before, you may want to check out St. Augustine Street. This street is located downtown, near the train station and has become a popular shopping and dining destination.

Other neighborhoods in Sedalia offer residents a wide variety of things to do. Missouri City is one of the more popular neighborhoods in the area. It offers a variety of shops, a great local restaurant, a public library, and many private clubs.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are plenty of wonderful apartment complexes and homes for rent in the area. Renting is not very expensive, and the city offers a variety of opportunities to entertain in the area. If you would like to enjoy some weekend fishing or an evening at the local watering hole, you can do so easily. The local school district offers the full service department store, which is located within walking distance from all the good places to live. The area also offers many festivals throughout the year, so residents are only minutes away from enjoying local attractions.

Sedalia, MO is a beautiful scenic area with beautiful sights to see and great restaurants to dine at. Residents have access to a variety of great neighborhoods and businesses to shop at. There are many reasons why you should consider moving to this area of Missouri and moving into the amazing town of Sedalia, MO.