Area Code 650 - Information about California


California is a sprawling state that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the snowy mountain peaks. Due to its vastness, California is classified as a top ten population hotspot by the United States Census Bureau. As with any big city, there are many of places where you can find employment in California.

The largest city in California is the Los Angeles region, which covers more than one million people. This city is located in Southern California and is known for its distinctive tourist offerings and international airport. This region is home to the Disneyland theme park, one of the most popular amusement parks in the world. Most of the Californian population lives in the Central Valley region. The local area has some of the best affordable housing options in the state.

Located in Northern California, Burlingame is home to the San Francisco Bay Area. This city is known for its excellent natural and recreational assets. The city has a large population of people who commute to work from the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. Burlingame offers a wide range of affordable living options, including excellent education opportunities, fine dining, and entertainment venues.

Located in Northern California, Berkeley is the second largest city in the state. Home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, this city is also home to several colleges and universities. In fact, Berkeley has the third highest concentration of students attending college from California. If you enjoy studying and spending time with others, you should consider living in Berkeley.

Located in Southern California, Daly City is easily accessible to downtown San Francisco and a variety of other major cities throughout the state. The city is known for its popular outdoor activities. Many of the activities available in the city center include biking, horseback riding, and water sports. A second largest city in the state, Daly City is also home to the Long Beach Convention Center, the largest convention center in Southern California. There are many interesting shops, eateries, and night clubs located in this city.

The third largest city in the state, Burlingame is located in the North Bay of San Francisco. The city offers low-cost housing and beautiful scenery. The historic buildings in the city are a key attraction. Burlingame offers some of the finest transportation in the Bay Area.

Although the state of California covers a large area, it is possible to find employment in Arizona. Arizona offers the most metropolitan area in the United States. Although the cities of Tucson and Phoenix are very different, they share the ability to get into and out of Phoenix International Airport, making it an easy commute for commuters from California. Arizona also offers some of the best affordable housing in the United States.

Arizona is well known for its beautiful desert landscape, the diversity of its culture, and the presence of the Grand Canyon. It is easy to find employment in Arizona and have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful state. Arizona is also home to the beautiful Sonoran Desert State Park.