Area Code 630 - Information about Illinois

There are many amazing things to do in Illinois. From horseback riding to historical railroads to biking to golfing to tennis, there is something for everyone in the state. Each region has its own unique features and top attractions.


As for the East Coast, we have some of the most stunning architecture in the world, and the most elegant charm that you'll ever find anywhere. You can take a trip to northern Illinois and visit the Illinois Tollway Museum in Addison or the South Holland Railway Museum in Bartlett. The Locust Grove Nursery and Educational Center in Waukegan are a great attraction as well.

On the West Coast, you have some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. We have mountains such as Mount Pisgah, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Piedmont Trail. We also have gorgeous beaches, cities such as Asheville, South Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada. Anywhere you go in the state, you're sure to find something unique and interesting.

For the Midwest, you have the famous Gateway Arch in Chicago, and Lincoln Highway in Champaign-Urbana. You can also take a trip to the St. Joseph Riverwalk in Romeoville, or watch the beautiful sunset on Lake Michigan in Chicago.

In the South, you have the Hotel Magnolia in north Venice, or the Clune in Bloomington. However, what makes it even more spectacular is that each of these hotels is over 100 years old. Each of them offers a different atmosphere, as they represent various styles and genres of architecture.

However, the most popular places are the Daley Plaza in Chicago, the Zakim Bridge in Bloomington, and the State Historical Museum in Springfield. You can even take a trip down tothe Bremen to visit the Clay Museum of Invention, the Bloedel Sanctuary, and the Edward B. Wright House. There are even museums in Marion and Peoria.

For the West Coast, we have both amazing state parks and state forests. Addison is known for its wonderful lakefront park and waterfront area, along with urban parks and neighborhood parks. Lake Zurich is known for its fantastic parks, and state forests.

No matter where you go in Illinois, you will find all types of entertainment and excitement for everyone. Plus, the weather is always beautiful, year round. Whether you're hiking up a mountain or attending a ball game, you are sure to find it in the state of Illinois.