Area Code 629 - Information about Tennessee

An exciting choice for vacation is a stay in the region of Tennessee. The Blue Ridge Mountains of the Tennessee mountains offers a wide variety of destinations to the travel seeking traveler. A short drive from Nashville is Franklin, Tennessee. This new metropolis of Franklin brings with it an urban flavor and great dining and shopping opportunities, but still retains its rural feel and relaxing feeling.


To truly enjoy a mountain getaway in Tennessee, you should not only visit all the wonderful places, but you should also seek to escape the elements. Those living in Nashville can use the help of their indoor heated pools to stay warm on a cold Tennessee day. Visitors to Franklin, TN can enjoy the same amenities at their indoor pool in Franklin. Be sure to bring the thermal socks and flip flops with you and enjoy the refreshing experience of a North Tennessee day on your own or with friends. This is definitely an unforgettable getaway from the city.

Bun Oli Tee from Franklin is noted for its quality and excellent taste. Whether you are looking for a change of pace or want to try something new, Franklin has a wonderful selection of tea to please your palate. All tea tastes wonderful and the tea leaves are hand picked and then carefully prepared.

Another place to check out in the Franklin area is Gallatin. Gallatin is located right across the street from Nashville and has a wide range of different features. Gallatin hotels offer comfortable rooms and furniture, along with a full service spa and fitness center. The Gallatin hotels have a warm welcoming atmosphere, which helps make you feel right at home.

The Alton Boucher Boutique Hotel is one of the most scenic spots in Gallatin. You can either experience the grandeur of Alton Boucher with its magnificent chandeliers, marble floors, and opulent rooms, or if you are a bit more modest, there are several charming guestrooms. Be sure to stop in to see the magnificent view of the beautiful countryside in and around Nashville and Gallatin.

With its beauty and unique features, Brentwood is one of the premier places to visit in Tennessee. Travelers can enjoy a few drinks in the bars, stroll to the many shops, check out the art exhibits, or just lounge around on the terrace of your room. Gallatin has many quaint boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, and Brentwood has an outstanding barbeque restaurant. A trip to this vibrant city offers many activities and things to do.

While you are in the Franklin area, be sure to check out the Franklin Performing Arts Center and their favorite music venue, the Bitter End Saloon. You will not be disappointed in Brentwood.

Once you have chosen a destination in the Nashville area, be sure to discover other interesting cities in Tennessee. All Tennessee cities have unique and different personalities, making them a great destination to visit on a vacation.