Area Code 626 - Information about California

The name of the state is California, which means "The Land of Gold." The state also is one of the most populated, as it is bordered by Mexico and includes many rural areas. California has several natural attractions, such as mountains, beaches, deserts, wildlife and deserts. The state offers vacationers a wide selection of attractions to choose from when planning a vacation.


California has a long history of tolerance, but the state is no stranger to controversy. California has its share of controversial issues. One of the most controversial areas is immigration, where various groups support various policies. You can find many companies that provide services for helping you become an American citizen, such as the non-profit Immigration Forum, which offers free help and advice. Other groups such as the Americans for Legal Immigration support amnesty for illegal aliens.

When deciding to travel to California, you may want to check out the arts, including art museums in California. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Fresno Museum of Art, the San Diego Museum of Man, the Costa Mesa Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Jose Museum of Contemporary Art, the San Francisco Museum of Nature and Science, the California Academy of Sciences, the California Museum of Photography, the California State University Northridge Art Gallery, the Banning Museum of African American Art, the San Diego Black History Museum, the Hampton-Astoria Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Latin American Art, the Southwestern Historical Association and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are some of the museums in California. It is also interesting to check out the history of some of these museums, as they tell part of California's past.

California is also known for environmental issues, such as the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution and the state is renowned for its green spaces. In Alhambra, you can enjoy walking in the beautiful Alhambra gardens. You can enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants located in the heart of the city or you can relax at one of the recreational facilities available for use by residents of Alhambra.

If you are looking for other activities, you can explore the many attractions of the area, such as the Asian Art Museum, the San Miguel de Allende Zoo, the Casa Azulejo History Park, and the City of the Indians. When you are in Altadena, you can visit the Angel Island Botanical Garden, which is a beautiful natural habitat. Or, you can visit the Amoeba Records and Film Center, which provide tours and information about this and other California museums.

The city of Los Angeles is the largest city in California and it is considered the second largest city in the United States, after New York City. This city has become synonymous with Hollywood and with the glamor and style associated with the film industry. You can enjoy your vacation by checking out the hundreds of films shot in the city of Los Angeles.

The most populous city in California is Los Angeles, which is the land's largest and fastest-growing metropolitan area. The big city has much to offer in terms of entertainment and shopping and even art, history and sports. If you are trying to plan a romantic getaway, you can plan a trip to Hollywood, which is one of the largest cities in California and has a population of more than 3 million people.

You can do many different things while in California. You can see more than twenty museums, or you can take a stroll through the beautiful Alhambra district. Even if you do not have a date to spend a week or so in California, you can still plan a romantic getaway with a trip to the largest city in California, because of the many attractions available in California.