Area Code 618 - Information about Illinois

In Illinois there are a lot of great places to live in all kinds of neighborhoods. For families, that means living near a mall, a shopping center, or a national park and having access to a suburban city that is fun and exciting.


When you travel through the I. Manhattan, you will find that all these are included in the city. The price of a house in Belleville is definitely more than the price of a house in West Alton, but Belleville has an entertainment center that is on par with any city in the state.

This city of a thousand buildings, including several movie theatres, is famous for a football team that is top in the Midwest and has won two NCAA championships. This city also has four important lakes, Lake Mercer, Lake Michigan, Lake Monee, and Lake Michigan. These lakes are visited by thousands of people each year and provide a great place for fishing, boating, and boating.

Besides all this, the city is very beautiful and has one of the most important natural landmark of them all - Lake Winnebago. This lake provides a great place for boating, swimming, and fishing. The city also offers many activities for children.

The city of Belleville was inspired by one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, George R.R. Martin. He gave many names to various streets in this city and named a street after George Rockwell. While visiting this city, it is important to visit some of the famous landmarks of the town.

One of the most famous is, of course, the Quad Cities; there are dozens of theaters, restaurants, theaters, and museums located here. Lake Gasconade is another place of great interest for visitors. This is where the Chicago City Museum is located.

The City Museum is dedicated to things that have a national focus and is one of the most complete museums in the country. It also houses the city's oldest operating fire engine. And Lake Belleville is another must-see place for anyone visiting this place.

This is where the Beloit College is located, which also hosts the famous YMCA. There are many things to do in Belleville, such as going to various parks, and relaxing at the lake. Belleville is known for its Lake Midway, which is only ten miles away.