Area Code 617 - Information about Massachusetts

There are several neighborhood associations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a few of them are very successful. They all offer a variety of services and programs designed to improve the quality of life in the area. Each neighborhood association in the Commonwealth has something unique to offer.


If you live in the city of Boston, you can get services and assistance from the Boston Association of Neighborhood Associations (BAANDA). Boston BANDA is a non-profit organization that offers assistance in a variety of areas, including safety, food resources, housing resources, advertising, and education programs. All BANDA members are invited to attend the group's annual meeting to get information on the organization and to attend various presentations on topics concerning the Boston community. The group also promotes the benefits of public health, education, and housing.

South Boston has its own neighborhood association called Belmont. The Belmont Neighborhood Association (BANA) was founded in 1964 and has grown into a community for families and retirees. Belmont was once referred to as "Little Havana" in Boston. The organization offers employment opportunities for seniors and students in the youth and adult learning programs, to name a few. The Belmont neighborhood also has an active senior center for those who are now elderly or who are retired.

The Brookline Homeowners Association, also known as Brookline-Belmont, is the largest homeowners' association in the entire state of Massachusetts. It serves residents of Brookline, Cambridge, and Belmont in all areas. Brookline-Belmont offers different types of services and programs, including board meetings, neighborhood newsletters, bi-monthly neighborhood meetings, community associations, and more. It also provides transportation for residents and visitors to the various areas of Brookline and Cambridge, including hiring shuttle buses, taxis, and other forms of transportation.

The Belmont Cultural Arts Center also belongs to the Belmont Association. The center hosts educational programs that teach residents how to make items, such as flowers, jewelry, and homemade crafts. Residents can attend these classes and receive an art class certificate. The Belmont Cultural Arts Center's focus is on art, music, and dance and holds annual events to celebrate its accomplishments.

Brookline-Belmont residents can visit the Lisbon House to view exhibits that discuss the history of the area. This is a traveling exhibit that will allow residents to view historical events in Belmont and the surrounding neighborhoods. One of the shows will feature a tour of historic restaurants in Belmont and Brookline. In addition, the house is the home of the Brookline Historical Society.

The South Boston Association of Neighbors is composed of residents of South Boston. It is a nonprofit organization that provides social, educational, and informational services for residents of South Boston. Residents can access many social service organizations such as the Greenway Rotary Club, community and women's groups, and the Harvard Neighborhood Association. They can also obtain financial aid by becoming members of the South Boston Neighborhood Council.

If you live in the Massachusetts area, you should explore the options available to you. These neighborhood associations can help you find employment, increase the quality of life, and provide assistance with basic needs. Visit your neighborhood association to learn more about your neighborhood.