Area Code 615 - Information about Tennessee

After reaching Nashville, one could drive across the state to reach most of the major urban centers. Tennessee has a number of bustling cities that include Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville. There are also several smaller cities that are well represented in the country's largest metropolitan area.


The cities are home to small towns and rural areas that are home to many families. The towns and small towns vary greatly with the features and age of the buildings. Some of the smaller towns are located on the outskirts of the larger cities, while some of the larger cities have close to two million residents.

As a result of the filming of the popular television series, "The Sopranos," along with television shows such as "ER," "My So Called Life," and others, there is a resurgence of interest in life in this state. Visitors may find this surprising considering how the production of those programs ended up in some of the poorest parts of the state. Many people do not realize that you can still visit small towns in Tennessee and experience the countryside.

For example, one can visit Murfreesboro, Tennessee to experience the sights and sounds of a small town. This historic town sits across the Tennessee state line from Nashville and Memphis. While there, you can see all of the famous movie sets and experience the culture of this state. There are many attractions that draw visitors such as the Aviation Museum, the Tennessee Aquarium, and the Bradley House.

While in Murfreesboro, take a tour of the lovely fountains. Take a hike and enjoy the scenery as you gaze at the waterfalls that sit in the valley. Look for the bronze statues of birds and horses that are popular at the Hamilton Mountain Park.

To really have a good view of the falls, it is best to be on the property where the falls cascade down. Several tours are available and will take you to different parts of the site. You can even go on a tour that explores the falls in a virtual reality tour.

While in Murfreesboro, take a look at the wildlife that can be found in the area. There are many different species of birds that visit the area as well as the occasional deer or even bear. This is a location that is best explored in the summer months when the area is crowded with tourists and wildlife.

It is also possible to make a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to experience the charm of this urban center. The district is well known for its entertainment venues and culture. Not only can one visit the site of the "Gone With the Wind" plantation, but they can enjoy other attractions such as the film house, the Metro center, and the area around the Vanderbilt University. If you are planning a trip to Tennessee, it is best to take a trip to Nashville and explore the city.