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Today, the state of Mississippi has been at the forefront of civil rights. It was one of the first southern states to pass laws that recognized and honored African Americans. Mississippi has the oldest civil rights law in the United States, the Freedom of Speech act. It also has a voter registration system that is one of the most comprehensive.

In the United States, Mississippi has played a major role in the early stages of the US college basketball team. It has also been a home to Bill Bradley, the former US Senator who became a famous public speaker. And in fact, many remember him as an icon for civil rights.

Even though it is one of the most celebrated and historic places in the United States, history and tourism seem to be closely linked. For some of the best visitors to Mississippi's history, all you need is a rental car, a little traveling knowledge and a guidebook. While many tourists find Mississippi's history fascinating, the scenic beauty and striking scenery make it even more so. It is well known that the state has a rich history of Native American tribes, Civil War battles and a period of great famine. With this rich tradition, tourism is a very natural answer to help boost a flagging economy.

History will be put front and center when visiting the areas of West Hattiesburg, Clinton and Jackson. There are numerous historical sites within the area that visitors should not miss. Two of the most popular attractions include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Abraham Lincoln Home National Historic Site.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is one of the most important war memorials on the planet. It commemorates the war dead who have never been identified and is located in Germany. Visitors who visit the Tomb can take in the view of the Berlin Wall from its grounds. And they can also get an insight into the tradition of Memorial Day ceremonies when American and German veterans pay tribute to their fallen comrades in remembrance of the Battle of the Bulge and World War II.

In nearby Clinton, visitors will find many activities for the local history buffs. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding or learn about the intricate history of the mine. When it comes to history, it is no surprise that West and Clinton, Mississippi is home to some of the most renowned museums in the United States. The Presidential Library, the Sesquicentennial Museum, the Pearsall-Gentry House and the House of the Clergy are just a few of the museum sites located within the areas.

Just outside of West Hattiesburg, Mississippi is St. Joseph's University, which is the second oldest college in the state. There, visitors can learn about the history of the early settlers and find out what life was like in the Mississippi Delta before the Civil War. The region has also played a major role in the lives of the United States military and in many cases, their history books will read like a travel story.

In Jackson, visitors can explore the arts and culture of native American tribes. Visitors can take advantage of the Mississippian Arts Festival and stroll along Jackson Road to find the most beautiful views of the Mississippi River and surrounding landscape. This is also the home of one of the most prominent native American tribes, the Mississippi Chieftains.