Area Code 575 - Information about New Mexico

It is hard to believe, but the biggest city in New Mexico is a desert town, which is called Clovis. This small city is located north of Alamogordo and west of Carlsbad. Clovis is the largest town in New Mexico.

New Mexico

The town of Carlsbad was built by the Spanish settlers. It was then known as New Saint Francis. It was part of what became known as Sante Fe. Sante Fe is the largest town in New Mexico. It is actually a colony that was settled in parts of the present day state of New Mexico and Colorado.

There is still some of the original homes in the town of Carlsbad. Many families moved away after the Civil War. They did not want to leave behind their original homes and they bought land to farm.

Mining played a role in the creation of this city. There was a gold rush that took place here. The gold miners came and left, leaving behind a trail of destruction and poverty. This was not a good time for Clovis. This was after gold was discovered in the area.

The Native population was told that the gold was theirs. Then, there was a lot of destruction and forced relocation took place. The Native population lived in the cities and the newly discovered gold was not taken care of properly.

New Mexico was part of the United States when it was formed. The term New Mexico, was actually an old name for the state. The name changed from New Madrid to Alamogordo. Many large cattle ranches were developed in the city of Alamogordo.

Carlsbadis surrounded by desert. There is no tree or plant life except for desert vegetation. The coldest month in Clovis is November. There is a very small amount of water sources here.

The residents here are very friendly and easy to get along with. Families live in the areas where the businesses are located. Clovis and Alamogordo are towns that people would consider if they were looking for the perfect vacation spot.