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Let's get one thing straight right from the start: There is something truly special about California. Although the rest of the country may be experiencing an economy with several down turns, it's hard to imagine the state experiencing a downturn so severe that it would cost millions of jobs and impact every one of its residents.


To be sure, there are many reasons for a visit to California, and each of these reasons should be acknowledged and appreciated. The amazing people of California are some of the most interesting people in the world. Their music, art, cuisine, shopping, and other facets are the envy of the entire planet. As you go on your California road trip, make certain to bring along at least one significant book or documentary film that you have read on a subject related to the state.

Why should California be the destination you choose? A good number of California vacationers make their way to the big city to go to Disneyland. They look forward to this as the top tourist attraction in Southern California. On the other hand, there are some tourists who seek out the natural beauty of the state and head to the wild side of the Golden State.

Of course, California offers plenty of opportunities for people seeking the thrill of the adventure. It's not surprising that the state is home to thousands of boardwalk and amusement parks. Also, the state is the epicenter of all types of outdoor activities, including bicycling, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, water sports, and many more. There is no doubt that California has much to offer for all types of travelers.

The state of California offers some of the best theaters and touring musical acts, and the state attracts both up-and-coming showbiz stars and veteran performers to perform at shows in California. Los Angeles is also home to one of the world's greatest opera companies. A trip to California would also be very interesting and rewarding if you decide to spend some time traveling the gorgeous and historic highways of Southern California.

There are many properties available for sale and purchase in the greater Los Angeles area, and many of these homes are available for sale in publicly funded neighborhoods that cater to buyers from all walks of life. Many people prefer to buy homes in the countryside of Southern California to those in the city. In fact, there are many of homes for sale and houses available for rent in the upscale communities. An interesting feature is that most of these homes are located a few miles from the major freeways and commercial centers of downtown Los Angeles.

There are many restaurants and fine dining establishments in Southern California, and a trip to the beach is not complete without a stop at one of these restaurants. As you relax by the ocean, take a moment to soak in the sights of Southern California. The fabulous beaches of California are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Some of the largest cities in California offer massive amounts of attractions and services. A trip to California will prove to be a wonderful adventure as well as a fun trip. And, as you travel California, never forget to take in the beauty of nature that makes Southern California such a remarkable place to live.