Area Code 559 - Information about California


The history of California dates back to the native tribes. During the first century, the California desert was a haven for food, trade and the domestication of livestock.

It was here that people built farms and raised animals to sell at a place called San Francisco. The Indians practiced hunting and gathering. They were known to ride horses, dogs and other animals to travel to distant places. It was here that they learned agriculture.

Native Americans used the canyon of the Rio Grande as a path from the Salt Lake Valley to Utah. Eventually, cattle ranching became their main occupation. But as the years passed, California became a state. There were wars fought here and it became a military camp. Its native tribes were wiped out and eventually settlers moved in.

Once, Californians built a dam and created an irrigation system to plant crops, grow grass and make wine. From its early days, there were many disturbances. Farmers wanted to harvest as much water as possible, but they couldn't harvest all the water. Fearing drought, those who had large amounts of water started a movement. California is now one of the states where drought has become a problem.

The military camp and the construction of dams are gone. There are many historical ruins left in the area. The culture of California is slowly fading away. One can still visit here during a tour on the famous tourist spot - Red Rock Canyon.

Drought has hit the city of Fresno and its surrounding areas very hard. Today, Fresno is famous for the produce of the Central Valley. Unlike a few years ago, the farming is not quite so effective. Though, many crops are being grown but only some produce a good amount of income. In addition, some farms in the area are still operating and so are the farmers and ranchers.

With the upcoming crop season, it looks like some crops will be more productive than others. And even if a farm grows some good crops, the prices will not remain high throughout the year. Farmers are keeping their heads down and continuing with their normal work routine.

In the end, California's food will stay high in demand and be among the top states producing agricultural products. This will continue because there are a lot of people who want to keep up with the growing trend of California.