Area Code 539 - Information about Oklahoma


Oklahoma is a state in the Midwest United States and is bordered by Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. It has over a million residents spread throughout the state and is known for its exceptional beauty, scenic vistas, and easy-going personality.

There are many attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors to Oklahoma, but one of the most common attractions is the beautiful weather in Oklahoma. From mild winters to hot summers, the weather in Oklahoma is an awesome combination of refreshing temperatures with breezy breezes that help to create an invigorating atmosphere that makes the experience of visiting the state enjoyable.

People have been visiting Oklahoma for a long time now, and many people are looking forward to exploring the great outdoors while they are visiting this state. For travelers who are looking for a vacation that includes enjoying the wonders of nature, Oklahoma offers many destinations that can be explored with the help of a good travel agent or tourism guide.

Many travelers look forward to visiting Oklahoma because of the large number of lakes and rivers that are present in the state. When one visits Oklahoma, one can see the magnificence of Oklahoma's natural assets on the sandy beaches, from waterfalls to thick forests and clear skies, one will definitely feel like a king of nature as he explores the natural wonders of the state.

Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state, but it also possesses a lot of other attractions, like the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Oklahoma Zoo, and the historic Norman Botanical Garden. The nature parks in Oklahoma City have been inviting the tourists for years now. Nature lovers come here to enjoy all the wonderful attractions of the city.

Oklahoma City has a great deal of unique natural resources, which make it an exciting and lovely destination. The number of schools and educational institutions in the city gives visitors the opportunity to attend class and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Oklahoma. One can visit Oklahoma City anytime and learn more about the culture and traditions of this state.

If one is looking for a warm and friendly environment, Broken Arrow is the perfect place to stay. Broken Arrow is the best place to experience nature in a comfortable environment while enjoying the warmth of the climate in Oklahoma.

Broken Arrow is another name for Bartlesville, located in the northern part of Oklahoma. Broken Arrow is also known as a popular fishing destination for the area. Along with nature and local attractions, Broken Arrow also provides accommodations that can accommodate travelers and provide them with the best weather and cultural experiences to enjoy the most while in Oklahoma.