Area Code 531 - Information about Nebraska

The Nebraska Cornhuskers was founded in 1957 in a small town in western Nebraska. They play at the biggest college football stadium in the country - Memorial Stadium.


Unlike many other teams in this state, football fans are passionate about the Huskers. The college team is popular and Nebraska's home crowd is one of the most vocal in the country. Football is an integral part of life in Nebraska and sports fans in general show their loyalty through the blue and white colors of the Husker Football program.

This is a state that offers enormous potential for the young professional sports entrepreneur. The state's natural attractions, including the popular Nebraska landscape and scenic vistas of rolling farmland and rolling hills, make it a prime location for businesses with diverse operations. Omaha offers great opportunities for construction, manufacturing, and retail space. Omaha also provides local labor to build office buildings and other structures.

Nebraska has a rich culture of rich food and agriculture. Because of this, Omaha becomes the destination for entrepreneurs who want to develop close ties with the Cornhusker State's farm and food communities.

The Central Plains region of Nebraska is a popular market for small companies with a solid presence in the area. In contrast to Omaha, Omaha is far from the great majority of Central Plains. And while Omaha offers the ability to recruit locally, there is still plenty of need for outside talent in the area.

The Central Plains is a good opportunity for businesses with "green" businesses. Those who seek to be a sustainable or ecologically friendly company have found that the Central Plains is a good location to establish a business presence. And because of the region's ability to attract the "green" industries, the Central Plains offers opportunities for development with small operations.

When looking for a unique place to open a business, consider the area of the Central Plains. If you choose to do business there, you'll find a huge demand for farmers, technology, food production, and many other types of businesses. Once you have decided to put your business in the Central Plains, you can leverage the region's many job-creating attributes.

The region is a great choice for business for many reasons, but it's also an excellent choice because of its unique combination of people, geography, and environment. There is no place better to build a business in the heart of America's heartland. Nebraska is a perfect fit for a developing franchise and represents a promising new business opportunity.