Area Code 513 - Information about Ohio

Ohio is one of the most diverse states in the United States. It has some of the most exciting cities and metropolitan areas in the country. From historic Cincinnati to historic Fairfield, from quaint New England towns to bustling capital city of Cleveland, Ohio truly is a hotbed of contemporary living.


Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the best examples of urban development. It was once the center of the steel industry. The streets are lined with beautiful historic buildings, restaurants, and unique shops that are a main attraction in the city.

Fairfield, Ohio, is a beautiful town nestled within the rolling hills of Northeast Ohio. It is an old town that has maintained its original charm, while adding modern features and amenities. You can see historic buildings and other interesting buildings that were once part of the railroad community of Fairfield, Ohio.

Another historic Ohio city is Hamilton, Ohio. It is a picturesque, vibrant town that has been growing for years. It is a destination for holiday makers and retirees alike.

When you travel through Ohio you will find many wonderful attractions. The best way to explore Ohio is to take the time to explore the culture and fun of the various cities. There are several attractions that will intrigue and delight you as you visit different areas.

If you are interested in experiencing white water rapids and rafting adventures, then you will want to check out Wild Rivers Adventures in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is one of the top rated adventures and it takes you to a place where the river's natural beauty is amplified by wild water rapids and cascades.

There is a great deal of interesting history and culture in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is one of the top tourist destinations in Ohio and is also home to the most historical buildings and structures. The most important attractions include the U.S. Mint, Frank Lloyd Wright's historic house, the biggest art museum in Ohio, and the Central Library.

Travelers who are looking for unique and interesting sights in Cincinnati, Ohio should consider spending a weekend in its Cincinnati. This is a wonderful city for shopping, dining, and relaxing in the city. Travelers that choose to visit Ohio should check out the great places and attractions that are available in this state.