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With the many large cities of the Lone Star State, Austin is by far the largest. For a capital city in the state, it has some of the best dining in Texas and beyond. Since so many travelers now choose to drive their cars instead of traveling by air or on a bus, this city and the surrounding area are among the best places to visit in the State.

Some of the most popular and well-known areas to visit in Austin include South by Southwest, a music and technology conference. Austin holds the Fourth annual Jazz in the Parks Festival every August. The University of Texas at Austin and the Lamar Folk Art Museum are also nearby, along with the famous Texas State Capitol building.

While many tourists visit Austin and its surrounding area for major conferences, the city's nightlife is world class. Many fine restaurants, museums, and music clubs are open late and often serve food from outdoor gourmet tents. Austin is home to some of the best live music and nightclubs in the country. West Sixth Street is a trendy venue for rock, jazz, blues, and other traditional styles of music.

Although there are a few wonderful places to stay in Austin, Cedar Park and Georgetown are the two most popular. Cedar Park is located downtown, while Georgetown is a few miles away in the country.

Cedar Park, located in Austin, is a perfect vacation retreat for anyone looking for tranquility in a small town setting. It is near all of the important attractions of the city and is close to the local highway. This neighborhood offers great dining, shopping, and quaint historic homes.

An ideal place to stay in Austin during the week would be Georgetown. This suburb of Austin is only a short distance from downtown Austin and is within walking distance of the many shops and eating districts. The city is a fifteen minute drive away. However, the residential neighborhoods of Georgetown are quieter than other parts of Austin.

Most people who live in Austin know that ABC Local, the hometown paper, is available in many cities across the State. The city of Austin now offers a fast, reliable and affordable Internet connection, known as Gigapower. Customers have unlimited access to the web and are able to do any of their usual tasks in the comfort of their home. This is an amazing convenience for residents and business owners who can now conduct online transactions while making business calls.

Whether you are visiting Austin for business or pleasure, ABC Local, the town's daily newspaper, is available in many locations in the State. With the ABC connection, customers can surf the web, write an article or do any of their other daily activities. It is truly a convenient option for anyone who wishes to stay connected and stay in touch.