Area Code 504 - Information about Louisiana

We live in a place called The Magnolia State and it is in a part of the world called the Deep South. We had so many things to do in our short vacation so that we decided to do some fun things like go to a Louisiana bayou tour or Baton Rouge to see some beautiful homes.


Louisiana bachelorette party. You can have a wild bachelorette night when you take your bride-to-be to one of the best bachelorette parties that are held in the state of Louisiana. Bachelorette parties are the biggest celebration of the night and they are usually thrown by the bride's friends and family. The bachelorette party is a fun party where the girls get to party and have a lot of fun.

Carnival. If you have ever been to the Louisiana State Fair then you know just how great the Carnival is. When you think of the Louisiana State Fair and you picture a carnival you probably picture wild fun rides and plenty of excitement. The famous carnival in New Orleans is actually the largest fair for fun and entertainment in the entire United States.

Grand Canyon. The beautiful Grand Canyon is not only one of the most popular people's favorite tourist attractions, but it is also one of the oldest in the country. This is one place that you have to visit because it is a truly unique place. The Arizona part of the Grand Canyon is not visited nearly as much as the Mississippi, the part of the Grand Canyon that is on the west coast.

Kenner. The city of Kenner is a beautiful city and I am sure that if you had a chance to go there you would really enjoy it. It is an eclectic area and you will be amazed at what you can find there. The architecture, the shopping, the food, the history and even the lighting in the places that you go to make the town special. Kenner is filled with amazing restaurants and boutiques.

Fisherman's Landing, Baton Rouge. There is a lot of shopping to be found in the Baton Rouge area of New Orleans, but when you head over to Fisherman's Landing in the Kenner area you will find a lot more shopping. In fact, I would say that if you want to find your shopping fix in Louisiana then this is it.

Gulf Shores, Louisiana. This area of Louisiana is in the southern part of Georgia and is home to the Gulf Shores Shopping Center. This is a great place to get groceries, clothing, household items and all kinds of things that you are looking for to bring home.

Fishermans Horizon, Louisiana. I think the name is worth the price of admission alone. It is one of the largest shopping centers in the state and is a place where you can find many different kinds of merchandise from toys to electronics to new furniture.