Area Code 480 - Information about Arizona

Arizona is a vast state, and it may seem that each of its territories are so different that one can easily get lost among the various pockets of desert and mountains. While this might be true, the place will never really be bored because there are always new attractions to discover. With so many people who would like to visit the state, you should also have an idea on where to go.


There are some prominent tourist attractions in Arizona, among which the famous Hoover Dam is probably the most famous. The Hoover Dam has been constructed by the government in order to function as a power plant. This dam can withstand a lot of water and has been operational since 1939. The solar panels on the dam to provide electricity to a lot of places throughout the United States.

Arizona has magnificent views that will really take your breath away, and if you are a wildlife lover, there are plenty of destinations that will provide you with spectacular views as well. When it comes to beautiful landscapes, you will surely find something in Arizona that you would love to see. Here are some top points that you should consider when planning your Arizona vacation.

If you enjoy trekking, then the Grand Canyon is a great tourist attraction that you should not miss at any cost. Not only will you have to traverse through some tough terrains, but you will also get to enjoy a sightseeing tour of the area in which you stay. You should definitely try out this landmark.

The Arizona Martins Natural Area is a huge land where the visitors can hike, bike, ski, horseback ride, or simply get a view of the beautiful land from the comfort of your vehicle. There are plenty of opportunities for camping in this magnificent place. This is a great place to spend time and explore a natural area that is worth its weight in gold.

The New Mexico Border War Memorial Park is also one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Arizona. There are very few places in the world that can offer a visitor a long and harrowing journey through the National Parks. The whole state is made up of a number of national parks and monuments, each with its own unique flavor. It is always nice to visit these national parks during your vacation in Arizona.

The Apaches are also regarded as the original inhabitants of the United States, and you will definitely want to experience the spirit of this tribe. Although the site is on the outskirts of the state, you will still have a chance to observe some Native American traditions. You can also take part in the famous Apache Horse racing.

All of these are prominent tourist attractions in Arizona, and even though they are not that popular, you should still try them out. There are more places where you can go to for your Arizona vacation and keep your eyes open for some amazing offers. Try them out and enjoy!