Area Code 469 - Information about Texas

Like any other major metropolitan area in the United States, Dallas and Houston, Texas, have both seen an influx of commuters. With more people commuting into Dallas and Houston, Texas every day, this means a great deal of high-quality real estate in Texas.


There are few areas in Texas that can be called "Little Tokyo" for example, but that's exactly what Carrollton is to many. This is the second-largest city in Carrollton, Texas, and it's a very popular college town. When I say college town, I mean that Carrollton has a high percentage of students from Texas Christian University and other highly ranked colleges.

While many students live in Carrollton, there are a number of them who travel to New Braunfels each semester to attend the University of New Braunfels. This college town has some of the best college athletes in the country and offers top-notch dining options for people who love to eat out. From new local favorites to fine dining restaurants and fancy cafes, there is a lot to do in this college town.

Carrollton is also home to a large Hispanic population. A large number of the residents in this college town come from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. This means that you will find Mexican food being served in many restaurants around Carrollton, including a lot of restaurants that specialize in serving Tex-Mex cuisine. Look for restaurants that have a large selection of Mexican dishes and tapas while you're visiting this college town.

When you visit Carrollton, you'll find that there are a number of things to do in the downtown area. For example, all of the restaurants and cafes in this college town offer live music on the weekends. So don't think that you can eat your dinner in peace because you are eating at a restaurant that serves only Japanese cuisine. Live music takes place all night, and you won't have to spend too much time trying to figure out which restaurant serves which dishes.

The downtown area of this college town is also home to a number of colleges for students from Texas high school students to the University of New Braunfels. So if you're attending college and living away from home, you can take a short stroll through the streets and enjoy a meal at one of the fine restaurants in this college town. If you're a student from Texas high school, you might even be able to get a free college trip to one of the cities that you'll visit during your college years.

There are a number of houses in Carrollton that are zoned for college students. That means that students can live in their own homes and use it as their dorm. If you have an existing roommate and live off campus in Dallas or Houston, Texas, you should check out the houses in Carrollton for the same.

You may be able to save money by visiting Carrollton during the spring to summer months. While you can easily spend five thousand dollars per month in Dallas or Houston, Texas, your expenses will be less in Carrollton, Texas, where prices are a little cheaper.