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In North Central Maryland, the northern part of Prince George's County and the northern third of Baltimore City are called "The Queen City." However, Prince George's is the county seat and at one time, Arbutus was the town center. Arbutus in Prince George's County is also known as "Lemon Tree Capital of the World" because of its reputation for lemon trees.


The city has a wide variety of climate throughout the year including a little bit of cold, a good deal of warm and dry. If you are planning a trip to Maryland, it will be best to stay away from summer and winter months, because the weather is very hot in the summer and in the colder seasons, the temperature drops a lot, with temperatures often dipping below freezing. There are many people who want to enjoy an afternoon in the sun during the summer, but in fact, for most of the year, they will not find the sun too easily available.

Arbutus is a region of Maryland, where the climate is very different. The entire region is considered to be "birch country," which means that they have a lot of trees with dense, thick leaves. It is said that there are less than two million acres of arbutus trees in the entire state of Maryland. Arbutus grows very well in moist soils with a cool climate and they usually thrive on slopes.

Arbutus grows wild in areas such as Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Arlington, Annapolis, Salisbury, Frederick, and in Washington D.C. According to several Marylanders, it is the health benefits of arbutus that have led to their popularity as a gift plant. They can be grown in any type of soil that is very dry and protected from heat and moisture.

Arbutus is native to Europe, but now found growing wild in Maryland. It is a member of the lotus family, which includescoltsfoot, milkweed, water lily, jessamine, hawthorne, and sweet-scented, which means that it is also called a "sweet smelling lotus." It was the Spanish soldiers that brought it to North America. During the 1700s, the medical community learned about the benefits of arbutus and it was often recommended to patients.

A good source of arbutus is the seed. One plant is used by many people for its ability to improve mood, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the "medicine cactus." Seed of arbutus has been used to make poultices and medicines.

Arbutus leaves and flowers are dried and made into tea. Some of the most popular teas are the Bali tea, which is made from arbutus leaves, and Blue Leaf tea, which are made from blue lotus flowers.

Arbutus is considered to be one of the most versatile herbs in the world. It is used in all sorts of medicinal treatments because of its rich health benefits.